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The Rev. Marta Maddy, Priest-in-charge

St. Andrew's by the Lake

2802 Minnesota Avenue

Duluth, MN 55802


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The St. Andrew’s Community

Located in Duluth, Minnesota, on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior, St. Andrew's is a very welcoming and inclusive community that takes pride in over 100 years of service to the Lord. We are a caring parish with our eyes to the future and a continued ministry of faith. Parishioners find comfort in our rich traditions and legacy of love. Combined with a willingness to try new and innovative things, we create a joyful atmosphere in which we worship and serve our parish, our community and the world.

We take pride in:

1. Our many outreach programs, and the people who work hard to make them successful.
2. Our amazing youth who we are preparing and those we have already sent out into the community and world, to be faithful stewards of God's love.
3. Our status as an "environmentally green church," and our continued work to keep our footprint small.
4. Our beautiful church and worship space; so warm, inviting, and functional, with nature all around us.

Most of all we delight in our support of one another through life's joys and sorrows, sustaining and nourishing our souls and belief in God. We invite people from all walks of life, wherever they are in their spiritual journey, to come worship, pray, sing, celebrate, and mourn together. We are a congregation that truly believes "That with God, all things are possible!"