St. Andrew’s

While St. Andrew’s By-The-Lake initially served only the Park Point area of Duluth, it now serves a wider region, with families from as far away at Two Harbors and Cloquet regularly attending services. St. Andrew’s parish has approximately 135 members, many of whom are longtime members. Our Discovery survey highlighted one parishioner who had attended St. Andrew’s for less than a year and another for 91 years, with the average length of time being 23 years. We have found that new members have often been attracted to St. Andrew’s by personal relationships, reading about us in the Breeze and through our location on Park Point.

The Discovery survey highlighted that people attend St. Andrew’s primarily because of the sense of community they find here, but also because they find meaningful the inclusive theology and spiritual support they receive at this church. They also listed the Episcopal tradition and our outreach support as the top reasons for attending St. Andrew’s.

Youth formation has been a vibrant and important part of the St. Andrew’s community since its inception, but we are currently facing a decline in youth and young families with children attending St. Andrew’s. Our congregation has identified the need to increase the number of young people as a priority.