Window of the Very Reverend Gilbert Kip Good

Gilbert Good WindowWindow of the Very Reverend Gilbert Kip Good

The Very Reverend Gilbert Kip Good was born in Poughkeepsie, NY on April 20, 1893. In 1915 he graduated from Carnegie Tech in the field of mechanical engineering. During the first world war he served as captain of infantry in command of a machine gun company and as assistant to the chief of staff, Seventh Army Corps in France and Germany. Following the war he held the position of assistant to the chief engineer at Tyler Tube and Pipe Company, Washington, PA.

Nowhere did I find information about Reverend Good’s education for the priesthood. However, it seems that he was a student of languages and spent several years studying in Europe. This may have been the time he studied for the priesthood.

In 1925 he married in Indiana, PA. He and his wife moved to Duluth in 1926 where he assumed position of Dean of Trinity Cathedral and also was in charge of the St. Andrew’s parish. At that time Duluth was a separate diocese and Trinity Cathedral [now Mt. Olive Lutheran Church] at 2012 East Superior Street was the headquarters.

From 1926–1937 when Reverend Good was in charge of St. Andrew’s, services were held on Sunday evenings to accommodate his schedule as dean of the cathedral and Sunday school was held in the mornings. The church seemed to flourish in those early days of the depression. There were 80 children in Sunday school and an active youth fellowship. A men’s group which had been started in 1924 had 40 members. Through their efforts the lawn was graded and a church picnic was held for 71 children and eight teachers at Fond du Lac with a boat trip that cost $12.85.

The women of the church had worked relentlessly through prior years to keep the church financially stable. When the church owed money for bringing the guild hall across the ice from Superior in 1908 they assumed responsibility for raising money to pay the balance of four or five hundred dollars still owed. Through the thirties St. Andrew’s continued to be a very active place with dinners and luncheons, picnics, a country store, a play put on at the local school and much more. Women of the altar guild purchased a communion service.*

On July 19, 1937, Reverend Good took the position of assistant to the president of Minnesota Power and Light Company in Duluth. He became active in many charitable and civic organizations and causes locally and at the state level. He was director of the Chamber of Commerce, state chaplain in the American Legion and commander of the David Wisted American Legion post. He worked on behalf of handicapped children, was vice president of the Minnesota Law and Order league and was known as a popular public speaker in half of his many interests.

The Very Reverend Gilbert Kip Good died on April 30, 1939, less than two years after he took the job with Minnesota Power and Light Company. He was 46 years old. He left behind his wife, a son Gilbert Kip Jr. and two step sons, Charles and Joseph Sturgeon. The Duluth News Tribune called him, “One of Duluth’s outstanding civic leaders.”

*This information was obtained from a brief history of St. Andrew’s written by Eleanor Burns before 1980. The information was compiled by Mrs. Earl Glass, Mrs. Margaret Potter, Mrs. Helen Harrison and the Rev. John Husband

Submitted by Arlene Renken, November 2016