St. Andrew’s Outreach

We gather strength through our community to go out into the world to do the work of Christ. As a small community, we are intentional in our outreach efforts and focus on supporting a few efforts well. CHUM is a longstanding partnership between congregations in the Duluth area that support a homeless shelter and drop in center that serves families throughout the region. CHUM helps to meet basic needs services for homeless and marginalized members of our community while working to effect changes, which will eliminate the need for those services. We retain a dedicated line in our budget to support CHUM in addition to collecting food items, preparing bagged lunches and making and serving dinners at the shelter. We will be making bag lunches for CHUM the second Sunday of each month, immediately after the morning service. (About 11 a.m.)

As a port city, many ships come to Duluth from around the world, carrying crew-members that speak many languages and are often far from home. St. Andrew’s has supported the Seafarer’s ministry for years, providing visits, transportation, cell phones, knitted hats and scarves, and other special requests to crew members. The Seafarer’s Center offers chapel, prayers, conversation, donated clothing, Wi-Fi, TV, and other services.

The environment is an important focus of St. Andrew’s outreach. Given our unique and sacred location on the shores of Lake Superior, we are involved in preserving the fragile environment of the sandbar on which the church is located. From beach clean-ups to replanting grasses on the sand dunes, St. Andrew’s works with the Park Point community on environmental outreach efforts.

Our young people support Life House, a center for homeless and at-risk youth based in Duluth. While their primary activity is fundraising for the organization, our youth are gaining a spirit of service through their outreach efforts.

Other outreach efforts are initiated by the passion and ideas of individual members, or by the Peace and Justice committee. Some are small such as neighborhood clean-ups, and some are significant such as building a habitat house.