Parish Life

While our worship services provide the core of our parish life, St. Andrew’s offers other opportunities to worship and bring our strengths into the world. We are a group that loves to celebrate and we find many ways and reasons to celebrate our lives in Christ. Birthdays, anniversaries and travel are celebrated during and after services, as are other transitions such as graduations and retirements. We celebrate through sharing meals together, whether for a meeting, special occasion, or informal after-work fellowship. We treasure our fellowship before the service and at coffee hour after service, catching up with old friends, and welcoming new friends to St. Andrew’s.

Regular activities also include

  • Our annual Valentine’s Day dessert and coffee fundraiser features two of the most well-known musicians in the region and plays  to a packed crowd.
  • St. Andrew’s Day celebrated with bagpipes, service, dinner and sometimes a lively talent show.
  • Maundy Thursday dinner and Easter Vigil and party are favorite events for many parishioners.
  • The altar guild maintains our sacred space as well as bakes the bread for Eucharist.